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Play a part in sharing the Nova Scotia story.

Tourism is a major industry in Nova Scotia. It contributes $2.6 billion in annual revenues,
generates $350 million in taxes and employs 50,000 people annually. These funds impact our
lives in ways you probably don’t realize, helping to pay for essential services like hospitals,
schools and roads. Tourism also fosters the arts, our cultural institutions, and our heritage.

In addition to sustaining our economy, tourism connects us to the rest of the world, bringing a fresh perspective, new ideas, and innovative businesses. By contributing to the development of our communities it helps us attract and keep younger residents in Nova Scotia. Our goal is to reach $4 billion in tourism revenues in Nova Scotia by 2024. Become a Tourism Ambassador today to help more visitors enjoy all the unique experiences our beautiful province has to offer. 

Get started on your ambassador journey!

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